Höststorm i Australien

Bob rapporterar:

Ahoy Sailors!
Yes, it is awfully windy here in the Whitsundays! Creating lots of problems and this afternoon the cyclone Debbie passed over us with its calm evil eye. When it  passed right over our heads we had about 40 minutes of relative calm.

We were told yesterday morning to evacuate from the low-lying marina by police knocking on the hull! Luckily Estie managed to secure an apartment up on a small hill overlooking Airlie Beach for a few nights. Not too far  from the marina, in fact we can see a small part of it, unfortunately not the arm where Suzi-Q is berthed. Still it looked OK when we had a clear view. 
Then it came back just as strong from a more dangerous direction, from the Coral Sea. Debbie is a bad ass category 4 cyclone.
No electric power so we eat cold food and watch the windows bulging in and out   .
However, plenty of water in the shower, toilet as well on the floors. Water was blowing in from under the sliding balcony glass-doors like a small garden fountain!
A door to our roof-terrace above had the lock torn out of the door-frame and banged continuously. Scary until I managed to jam it open with chairs and heavy flower pots. There are  a few more flower-pots up there and we can hear some of them skating around above us…
We do feel very lucky, dry and reasonably safe in our ”Sea Star Apartment” on the hill overlooking Airlie Beach. The sun has just gone down and where it was a town with hundreds of houses we now only see total darkness. No car lights or houses, just darkness and the raging cyclone.
Earlier today we unfortunately had worrying news from the marina operators. A large catamaran  have flipped over and some boats have broken their lines, Suzi-Q included. We have heard from a friend that people on the marina have managed to tie Suzi-Q back securely during the lull. However, ”it is not over until the fat Lady sings”. So far no serious damage to Suzi-Q so (we hope) for a good finale!
Tomorrow is the moment of truth…
It will be nice when this has blown over. Please Debbie, be gone!
Best regards
Bob Norlin / Suzi-Q (Beneteau Oceanis 440)

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