Nya optimerade roder till First 40.7 och 34.7

Farr Yacht Design has created new and improved rudder designs for the Beneteau First 34.7 and First 40.7.
These new designs feature carbon fiber rudder posts, higher aspect ratio rudder blades and the latest in foil technology.
These modifications result in reduced weight and lower drag while, at the same time, increasing the stiffness, strength and safety factor.

Replacing the factory supplied rudder on these types of production cruiser-racers with a more racing-oriented rudder yields excellent bang-for-the-buck to improve the performance and handling of a production cruiser racer.

Farr Yacht Design has collaborated with Competition Composites, Inc. (CCI) to build these replacement rudders. Owners of these yachts now have access to a vastly improved rudder design at an affordable price. The rudders were designed using our advanced parametric 3D modeling tools and tailored to suit the production methods of CCI.

All of these rudders are plug-and-play.
They can be fitted into existing bearings and attached to the existing steering systems with little or no modifications required.


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